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Album Launch 14 December 2019, Le Bal Blomet 33 rue Blomet, Paris, 75015
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The Dirty Ragtimers present:

Fairytales of Montmartre

Once upon a time in the streets of Montmartre the sun was shining and The Dirty Ragtimers were playing. From their violin and guitar an old melody rose into the air, heard by Alan the chevalier as he rode by in his great white truck. Suddenly transported to another era, he ferried the minstrels up the hill to his cosy Tavern Chez Camille. So began the Dirty Ragtimers’ Sunday Montmartre fairytale…

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Leigh Barker and Heather Stewart

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"Heather Stewart's ability to stretch phrases subtly over the bar line gives her vocals a seductive, slightly world-weary quality, and her fiddle playing contains echoes of old-time country and folk styles."   Jessica Nicholas - THE AGE

CITY WITH NO NAME  -  as featured in special concert April 11, 2018
Stories of country roads and city blues, Heather Stewart's album City With No Name is a collection of beautiful songs and instrumental music played with Heather's original trio Dan Dinnen, Danny McKenna and Heather Stewart. Also joined by UK songwriter Julia Turner for vocal harmonies. Dan and Danny have formed masterful settings and Heather leads the band with skill and humour.
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Heather Stewart's career as a jazz musician is deeply influenced by early acoustic blues, country and folk music. You can hear these musical roots in the original songs and fiddle tunes of this album. Heather has won multiple awards for song writing, fiddle tunes and collaborations with world class musicians Ewen Baker, Jim Green, Andrew Baylor, Dan Dinnen, Jimi Hocking, Danny McKenna and many others. With many album collaborations, City With No Name is her second album under her own name that follows album Get Your Fingers Off It! - live multiple award winning tribute to the great women blues and country singers. This new album weaves itself further into and from that music. Mostly originals written and arranged by Heather, City with no name leaves impressions of far ranging musical experience and reaches out to touch the heart.