Heather Stewart & Lucas Montagnier join Tilly Street and Friends - - CANCELLED

The Unicorn Hotel, 106 Oxford St, Paddington, Sydney NSW 2021

  • CANCELLED. PLEASE check with pub to see if Tilly and Friends will still play, but the Ragtimers won't join them.

Heather and Lucas join Tilly Street and friends at this Sydney afternoon institution. Jazz at The Unicorn Hotel.

In autumn 2020, Parisian band The Dirty Ragtimers bring their album Fairytales of Montmartre to Australia. Recorded in beautiful vintage Hi-Style studio Chicago and toured recently in London, Birmingham and Chicago. The Dirty Ragtimers perform a unique blend of swing and hot jazz, acoustic blues and ragtime. Music of Chicago and the Louisiana with a French flavour. The band are Australian vocalist and violinist Heather Stewart with Parisian finger-picking guitarist Lucas Montagnier.