The Dirty Ragtimers Orchestra - Paris Cat Jazz Basement - CANCELLED

Paris Cat Jazz Club - Jazz Basement, 6 Goldie Place, Melbourne, Victoria

The Dirty Ragtimers - play last Melbourne show at Paris Cat's Jazz Basement on Friday April 3. The concert will feature a five piece band with brilliant special guests.

The Dirty Ragtimer Orchestra in the Basement Paris Cat Jazz Basement 6 Goldie Place, Melbourne, Vic 3000 9pm $35

In autumn 2020, Parisian band The Dirty Ragtimers bring their album Fairytales of Montmartre to Australia. Recorded in beautiful vintage Hi-Style studio Chicago and toured recently in London, Birmingham and Chicago. The Dirty Ragtimers perform a unique blend of swing and hot jazz, acoustic blues and ragtime. Music of Chicago and the Louisiana with a French flavour. The band are Australian vocalist and violinist Heather Stewart with Parisian finger-picking guitarist Lucas Montagnier.