Fairytales of Montmartre: CD
  • Fairytales of Montmartre: CD
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Once upon a time in the streets of Montmartre the sun was shining and The Dirty Ragtimers were playing. From their violin and guitar an old melody rose into the air, heard by Alan the chevalier as he rode by in his great white truck. Suddenly transported to another era, he ferried the minstrels up the hill to his cosy Tavern Chez Camille. So began the Dirty Ragtimers' Sunday Montmartre fairytale...

After twelve months of toil, The Dirty Ragtimers traversed the seas near and far, to try their songs and test their courage with audiences of scurrilous Australians. With joy in their hearts and promises to return, they next journeyed to the wintry climes and darkness of the Chicago underworld. Following musical encounters in dark taverns, they made a rendevous with Alex the wizard of HiStyle Studios Chicago. He captured and brewed their sounds until a new fairytale was born.

Fairytales of Montmartre - The Dirty Ragtimers Heather Stewart - vocals, violin, whistle track 7 Lucas Montagnier - guitar, vocals, kazzo track 5 and Rick Sherry - jug track 5 and 6 credits released September 7, 2019

The Dirty Ragtimers Lucas and Heather would like to send their warmest appreciation to Alex of HiStyle Studios, Sascha Kommer, Rebecca Moon, Rick Sherry, the special folk of Chez Camille, family and friends from all around the world who have come to hear each new chapter as it unfolds. Special thanks to Ethelle, Leigh, Beatrice and Mathilde for inspiring the fairytales.

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