Heather Stewart  Bmus(hons), AmusA, Grad Dip, MA (pedagogy), combines a demanding performing, touring and recording career with a specialised violin and voice teaching practice. She currently lives in Paris France, 19éme.
Heather's lessons encourage, motivate and inspire children's music learning, integrating principles from classical and jazz pedagogy.
Improvisation, game play, rhythm and movement, note reading, and listening and learning a repertoire of french and english comptines, chansons/songs.  Instrumental study with Heather involves jazz, blues, classical technique, aural training, folk fiddle techniques, and harmony.
2019 - 2020 LA RENTRÉE 
THIS SEPTEMBER new music classes begin Wednesday 11 September
Discover Music and English Classes - for english and french speaking children. Limited numbers.
Music Class 1 Éveil Musicale
16h15 - 17h   - discover music, rhythm, note reading, musical play, singing
AGES 3-5
Music Class 2  Discover violin
17h15 - 18h  - small group class for beginner violin students
Ages 4-6
Taking enrolments now to commence Wednesday September 11th

10 weeks, 130 euros
15 euros per individual class
Discount for ten classes and for children in the same family. Annual subscription, billed per term.
To register email:  info@heatherstewart.com.au 
Phone: 07 88 27 44 06


Term Dates:
1. 11 Septembre
*I will be away from 18 Septembre - 1 Oct.
2. 2 Octobre et le 5
3. 9 Octobre et le 12
4. Samedi 19 Octobre 10h30-11h30 (en place de 16 - I'm working)
5. 6 Novembre et le 9
6. 13 Novembre et le 16
7. 20 Novembre et le 23
8. 27 Novembre et le 30
9. 4 Decembre et le 7
10. 11 Decembre et le 14
11. 18 Decembre - le dernière jusqu'à Mercredi Janvier 8

On recommence: 8 Janvier 2020

To read more about Heather's music teaching:  For the love of music - Teaching BLOG

Short articles outlining workshops and teaching research Heather has been involved in. Including: string teaching with improvising, using broad repertoire and composition to develop independence and self motivation, introducing the unique string program Harmony in Strings, and recent music camps for english speaking 3-6 year olds in Paris.